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About Us

At Pipmine, we offer unique and affordable handmade products that are created by one person, but started with mom & daughter. We believe you deserve to feel the most confident in the room without breaking the bank. Our mission to customers is to offer the best affordable homemade lipgloss that will leave you satisfied with your purchase from us! 

Our skin care products are home-made with love and from natural organic vitamins and essential oils for the skin. All products are 100% vegan and cruelty free. We test our products on ourselves and friends. Pipmine glosses are non-sticky! 

All glosses are made to be ordered 

What motivated the creators of Pipmine to start the brand is the idea of originality and how to stand out from the rest without the extra expenses. We love creating products you can stand out with confidence. 

The precious thing about Pipmine is when we introduce something new, we don't raise our prices. 

Remember, anyone can be apart of the Pipmine club just tag @pipminee in your next post on instagram!